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Wind Tunnel Study And Its Importance In membrane lightweight structures.

And it is that the Membrane lightweight structures or tensile structures are geometrically capricious figures, for this reason it is important to do a wind tunnel study on them before installing them.

But at this point is where many companies or architectural firms with little experience in tensile structures fail.

These offices know very little about the matter and end up giving membrane lightweight structures a bad name when their works come off in any breeze.

Why is this study important?

In most of the national and international regulations in the wind design appendices it is stated that, in the case of structures with special shapes, it will be necessary to do a wind tunnel study.

This study can be physical or virtual and will serve to find the pressures to which the structure will be subjected.

For this reason, at Hyparch we offer our clients a virtual simulation in a wind tunnel in order to comply with any regulation.

This study also helps to comply with the regulations included in the wind design manuals of the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE), which dictates the wind design standards in our country.

It is extremely important for medium and large projects to have this specialized analysis to be able to detect in this way when a structure may be sensitive to dynamic effects and thus avoid a possible collapse of structures.

It is recommended that before quoting in any textile architecture firm, you investigate whether they handle this type of analysis that will allow a precise study of the wind performance of the roof.

This also serves to optimize the design of the structure and put only the sufficient material that it requires, thus avoiding unnecessary expenses.

Membrane lightweight structures and the environment