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The price of membrane lightweight structures is without a doubt one of the most popular searches on the internet. Those who have considered installing a tensile structure in their architectural project tend to look for clues about the investment they will require.

The price of membrane lightweight structures usually varies due to different factors, so it is very complex to speak of an average cost.

Some factors that influence the price of tensile structures are the following:

Materials. In textile architecture there is a great diversity of materials with which membrane lightweight structures can be manufactured

The quality of the material with which the membrane was made will directly impact its final cost.

A taut structure made of raffia canvas is not the same as one made of shade cloth, non-structural canvas, structural membrane (PVDF), fiberglass membrane (PTFE) or thermoplastic polymer (ETFE) membranes, among others.

Design. The price of the candle will be higher the more capricious is the shape of the tensile structure.

The more complex geometries tend to require more accessories for their correct installation. As in other industries or sectors, the degree of difficulty in preparing a project also has great weight when it comes to defining the final cost of the product or service.

Manufacturing process. The way in which the tensile structure will be manufactured also has a great influence on its final price.

An example of the above is sealing the membrane. It can be heat sealed, glued or high frequency (radio frequency) sealed.

Due to the above factors, the costs of membrane lightweight structures vary greatly as it is calculated according to the client and project requirements.

However, in the small to medium-sized tensile niche, market prices are around $ 1,400 to $ 3,500 per square meter.

At Hyparch we look for and offer our clients tensile structures with the best value for money.

We use high-end materials in matters of guarantee, quality and performance.

We reflect savings to our clients thanks to the analysis methodology and structural design based on active structures.
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