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Membrana lightweight structures for convention centers, whether permanent or temporary, are the perfect structures for these spaces due to their flexible design, ease of construction and ability to withstand extreme climates.

For this reason, it is not uncommon to see places like Expo Guadalajara with tensile structures in certain areas of the enclosure. And, the engineering of these structures is designed based on performance, operation, versatility and safety, in addition to offering the great plus of design and customization of elements sculptural and utility.

The Membrane lightweight structures for convention centers offer a unique design solution that makes your building representative, serving as an impressive aesthetic addition to the city to which it belongs.

Some of the properties of these constructions are their cable and steel structures, which in addition to creating a solid support and security, offer important benefits.

Some of the benefits come from reducing the cost of construction and the amount of material used, which adds to the components of smart and sustainable buildings. Another virtue is that the technology used and increasingly developed generates a peaceful climate for attendees under its protection.

Furthermore, it is seen as a greener construction alternative to the very usual concrete which is one of the main sources of Ultra Violet (UV) radiation. In addition, during the day, the membrane is offered by Membrane lightweight structures translucency, that is, soft natural light that generates a reduction in energy costs indoors, while at night, artificial light generates a luminescent outdoor environment.

At Hyparch, we design, manufacture and install Membrane lightweight structures projects for convention centers and others buildings that include proposals with identity and design.

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