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Textile covers as protection against the sun and adverse weather in Mexico.

We know that the most natural way to generate shadows to protect ourselves from the sun’s rays are trees, however in cities we do not have as many and there are new ways built to counteract the effect of the sun, create shade and reduce the heat; and many are very innovative.

Textile covers as sun protection are the best option because they cover the need in the most subtle way since they do not require much space and are pleasing to the eye due to their great design.

The importance of shade ranges from comfort to shelter from climates and always seek to ensure the health of users.

the covers and membrane lightweight structures of tensile structures are capable of protecting more than 90 percent of Ultra Violet (UV) rays, avoiding their contact with the skin and reducing the risk of an impact against the physical well-being of the attendees.

Textile covers as protection against the sun can be implemented in different materials, such as: Shade cloth (offering protection from 80% to 90% against UV rays) or structural membrane (for protections greater than 95% of UV rays).

The most common materials for textile covers are PVDF or lacquered PVC, PTFE, ETFE, vinyl canvas and shade cloth.

Membrane lightweight structures in Mexico use materials from imported brands such as serge ferrari, sioen, mehler and blockshade up to increasingly popular national brands such as fortoflex, megaplast and the marina, the latter with guarantees comparable to imported products.

The covers can be adapted to different uses such as terraces, restaurants, playgrounds, sheds, parking lots, parks, stadiums, shopping centers, among others, because its system is highly flexible and allows many variations in its shapes and designs.

In Hyparch we have implemented this type of tensile structures in different constructions such as the Michin Aquarium of Guadalajara, which is an excellent alternative for family entertainment since it has exhibition areas both indoors and outdoors.

During summer, this type of construction becomes essential for the protection and to maximize the comfort of parents and children during the explanations of the guides in the areas exposed to the sun.

At Hyparch we develop the design and build the covers and veils to provide these elements to the aquarium customers, thus generating joint well-being.

The roofs are designed and executed with steel structures and shade cloth materials with guarantees of up to ten years and life expectancies of up to 20 years like those used for the lightweight shade cloth membrane structures in Monterrey, Nuevo León for school Euro Americano.

Membrane lightweight structures and its seismic behavior.