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Client: Plaza Aztlán

Date: 2015

Location: Zapopan, Jalisco.

Membrane lightweight structures were the first tensile structures in Guadalajara to become popular, however they were not the first structures of their type.

However, you can also see a large number of stretched covers and Canvas awnings, as well as retractable awnings.

This project presents a combination of the first two. That is, membrane lightweight structure and awning-type tension covers.

Tensile structures in Guadalajara were developed in 2015 for Plaza Aztlán in the municipality of Zapopan.

The project has a total of 2 awning type canvas covers and 2 central membrane lightweight structures, all in structural membrane type 1.

The canopy covers cover an area of ​​approximately 35m2 each and were designed in this way to optimize the use of the material and reduce costs.

The central membrane lightweight structures together had an approximate area of ​​90m2 and a visual integration of both sides of the plaza was intended with them.

Although the awning type stretched canvas covers do not represent greater complexity, they require, like the membrane lightweight structures, a calculation based on a wind tunnel to ensure their correct operation.

In the case of tensile structures in Guadalajara Hyparch managed to optimize the steel structure up to 9.4 kg per square meter.

Each and every one of the covers are fixed to the existing concrete structure using epoxy anchors and high resistance bars.

To do this, a millimeter topographic survey of the structural elements had to be carried out to ensure their exact location.

Every day it is more common to see tensile structures in Guadalajara, from small canopy-type covers to large membrane lightweight structures for entertainment venues and casinos.

Regardless of the size of your project, always remember the importance of the wind tunnel, structural calculation and experience in textile architecture projects.

Tensile structure in Los Cabos