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Client: Construcarr

Date: 2015

Location: Ciudad Guzmán, Jalisco.

The tensile structures project in Ciudad Guzmán is a development of 12 decorative umbrellas for the company construcarr.

Build as a previous Hyparch customer requested the construction of 12 membrane lightweight structures with the intention of making the gas station more visible.

Each Sioen Type 1 canvas umbrella consists of a 25 m2 floor area in the shape of an inverted cone.

The main purpose of the tensile structures in Ciudad Guzmán is to attract the attention of the people who travel on the highway.

However, it also fulfills the purpose of providing shade in addition to collecting rainwater.

The 12 pieces are distributed on both sides of km 90 of the Guadalajara-Colima highway They also have outlets to allow travelers to charge their electronic devices.

The pleasant geometry of these simple membrane lightweight structures allows different groups to enjoy shade independently.

The separation of the umbrellas in turn always allows the view of the store from the road and the landscapes from the esplanade.

Tenstructures in Ciudad Guzmán have not yet become popular, as have membrane lightweight structures in Mexico, Monterrey or Guadalajara.

This is not due to a lack of capital or spaces where membrane lightweight structures could be the best solution for a roof.

It is mainly due to the fact that Ciudad Guzmán is a town of traditional architecture, so many people suppose that the membrane lightweight structure could contrast too much.

However, there are places in Europe where tensile structures and membrane lightweight structures have been placed in buildings of historical value.

And although those who think that it contrasts too much must be given the reason. Contrast architecture has a certain appeal.

In this way, a harmony between very modern textile architecture and traditional architecture is achieved.

In Hyparh we hope to see many more tense structures soon in Ciudad Guzmán and its surroundings. As well as construcarr, quote your project with Hyparch.


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