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Cliente: Constellation Brands

Project Date: 2017

Project Location: Piedras Negras Coahuila


Tensile structure in Piedras Negras Coahuila is a 2017 1/2 sphere membrane lightweight structure for Corona brewery.

Corona is part of the Constellation Brands Consortium, owners of beers such as Victoria and Pacífico.

It also produces other alcoholic beverages such as preparations and liqueurs such as Tequila and Brandy.

Companies like these have high demands for quality in hygiene, processes and safety like few others.

Hyparch proudly joins this tensile structure in Piedras Negras to the select group of suppliers of Constelation Brands.

Hyparch quality has allowed working with other large companies such as Nestlé, ASEJ, Liverpool and government institutions among others.

Some of the requirements of companies and similar institutions are certificates of quality of materials and workmanship.

Such as certificates of work at heights, welding, first aid and handling of tools and machinery.

The quality tests applied to the tensile structure in Piedras Negras were of high quality of materials, application of welding and painting, among others.

The roof of just over 600 m2 is made up of three Sioen T2 structural membrane layers that allow for greater lighting and ventilation.

Due to the working conditions inside the factory, the decision was made to produce a modular structure divided into 7 main parts and 4 articulated bases.

This would avoid field welding as well as major painting work.

The connections were solved by means of typical joints of textile architecture as well as endplates in working at court.

It was also necessary to work in limited hours and very specific due to the environmental conditions of temperature and sun exposure.

Although the tensile structure in black stones was worked with the highest quality standards. It should be remembered that quality comes at a price.

All certified labor costs more than the common denominator.

Likewise, all production quality controls have a cost and repercussions over time. As well as security protocols.

So tensile structure in Piedras Negras took 12 times more time than would have been invested in typical working conditions.

However there are typical working conditions with high quality standards, at Hyparch we will support you to develop your membrane lightweight structure project to suit you.

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