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Client: Me Cabo

Date: 2016

Location: Los Cabos, México.

This tensile structure in Los Cabos developed for the Hotel Me Cabo was executed in 2016.

It is a considerably small surface with only 35 square meters in Sioen type 1 structural membrane The metal frame was made of carbon steel using premium epoxy paint to protect it from corrosion.

Although this tensile structure in Los Cabos is not the first executed by Hyparch, it represented interesting challenges.

Some of these due to special design requirements, such as a low slope and special loads.

The project included 4 speakers of around 150kg each. for each tip. Same that were placed later.

Although speaker load was considered in the structural calculation, recommendations for installation should have been made.

Hyparch also made recommendations for the construction of the foundation, which was built by the client.

Although this tense structure in the capes is not striking for its size, it is because it is installed in one of the most popular hotels.

Likewise, Hyparch has developed lightweight structure membrane projects for hotels such as Bel Air and more recently for Grupo Vidanta’s Grand Mayan, also in Los cabos.

One of the main concerns of hotels in destinations such as Los Cabos in terms of membrane lightweight structure is the possibility of hurricanes.

That is why the use of membrane lightweight structure and taut structures in the ends began to become popular just a few years ago. It has not yet had the acceptance that these types of covers have in Puerto Vallarta.

However, this type of structure can be made with systems that facilitate its Disassembly in the event of a hurricane. As well as securing them together with the rest of the facilities.

However, the most important thing for the construction of a quality membrane lightweight structure or tensile structure in Los Cabos or any other destination is to do it with the experts. Quote with Hyparch.

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