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Client: Natura Bosque Residencial

Date: 2017

Location: Zapopan, Jalisco, Mx

This taut residential structure is one of Hyparch’s most recent membrane lightweight structure projects.

It has a bolt-on carbon steel structure with a total weight of approximately 2,140kg Like many of the membrane lightweight structure designed by hyparch, this is no exception with a density of 15.2 kg / m2 optimized with specialized design software and wind tunnel The cover is a 3-piece structural membrane made of type 1: a central cover and 2 extensions in crescent shapes.

The increasing popularity of membrane lightweight structure in Guadalajara has made the tense residential structure an increasingly common way to cover spaces in preserves, clubhouses and private homes.

For Natura Bosque Residencial, the primary objective of the membrane lightweight structure was to provide shade for the outdoor theater stage. However, it was of great importance to have a unique and striking tense structure to crown the stage on the artificial lake. the tense residential structure for Natura had to keep a type of stage cover.

However, it was decided to open the cover on both sides to generate a double symmetry that generated greater visual interest. This geometry would allow people to be appreciated on stage while still appreciating the environment so carefully designed by the subdivision. Although this is a small roof with just 160 square meters, it has generated great interest from the tenants of the subdivision.

They find it very attractive and comfortable even for personal, social or artistic use. In addition, its shape and environment make this an aesthetically attractive project that serves as a focus of interest for the sales of the subdivision. In general, the tense residential structure and the membrane lightweight structure give a modern, fresh and aesthetic character to any space in subdivisions and houses.

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