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The tensile structures in educational centers have the purpose of creating a protective area from the sun, in front of inclement climates, temperature and atmosphere control as well as relaxation areas.

Covering recreation and entertainment areas are some of the reasons why schools, from kindergarten to universities, have implemented tensile structures within their facilities.

These covers can be used in sports areas, fields or small stadiums that institutions have to protect students and faculty from different climates and improve the performance of the participants.

Also, waterproof or shade cloth covers are installed in transit or recreation areas such as corridors that students must walk between classes or on their breaks to have snacks or do teamwork outdoors.

Today there are tensile structures in schools and Membrane lightweight structures with extraordinarily innovative designs to offer a better atmosphere to students. Some are ideal for shading, modifying the type of light, and even designing them with images of the school or attractive figures for all students and parents.

It should be noted that the tensile structures can be installed permanently or temporarily, depending on the objective of the institution. For temporary installations it can be applied in sports events, graduations, celebrations such as Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, Children’s Day, among others.

The tensile structures in educational centers allow inspirational performance where space is part of teaching methods.

These types of canvas covers, shade cloth and light membrane structures can also be used in research centers, hospitals, emergency centers to soften buildings and provide a warm welcome to attendees.

At Hyparch we create the perfect environment for each institution and educational center, through tense Membrane lightweight structures and shade cloth covers that promote the use of the outdoors as alternative teaching methods and promote culture at all educational levels.


The membrane lightweight structures for convention centers