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The tensile structures in Cancun and tourist areas of Quintana Roo have become synonymous with status and elegance.

Its use has become popular mainly for roofs of shopping centers and tourist developments.

Currently, you can find everything from small membrane lightweight structures in Playa del Carmen to large tensile structures in Cancun that cover entire wings of squares.


While the menmbrane lightweight structures and textile covers in Guadalajara,Monterrey and Mexico City have been seen for more than 25 years. Its use has had increasing acceptance and popularity in the last decade.

Thus, the tensile structures in Cancun became familiar to Quintana Roo residents no more than 10 years ago thanks to shopping centers such as Forum and Plaza la Isla. 

tenso estructuras en Cancún - Plaza Forum

Tense structures in Cancun – Plaza Forum

Although its use is not exclusively commercial, the tensile structures in Cancun have become icons of squares and hotels.

Little by little, more and more candles are found in restaurants and bars in the Mexican Caribbean.

Over time, membrane lightweight structures and textile covers have been gaining ground on the already popular palapas, so deeply rooted in Mexican beach architecture.

Although there is still resistance on the part of hoteliers and merchants to the change of image that the membrane lightweight structures propose.

Today we can see on Fifth Avenue in Playa del Carmen the contribution of membrane lightweight structures and canvas covers to the urban landscape.

Without detracting from the traditional coastal architecture and the palapas. The tensile structures in Cancun have come to bring modernity, aesthetics and cleanliness to the already impressive view of the Caribbean in Mexico.

Membrane lightweight structures and tensile structures in the Caribbean and other Mexican beach destinations also have certain advantages over traditional systems. Such are:

a) The construction times of the membrane lightweight structures are less than those of the palapa or traditional constructions.

b) In the event of a Hurricane, the membrane lightweight structures and tensile structures on beaches can be prepared to be dismounted in advance. c) A more modern and cleaner image that allows logo printing and light projections to change the environment and appearance in a few seconds. d) Natural lighting with all sun protection (98% against UV rays) e) Recoverability of materials up to 80% in the case of properties, and premises for rent.

If you are looking to protect your clients from the sun and rain and project a modern and striking image, you have come to the right place. Quote with the experts textile architecture and tensile structures in cancun.

Shade cloth covers in Guadalajara