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The tensile structures  for bicuertos will become more and more common in cities.

And it is that cities are seeking to find new ways to improve already built spaces or others to build, in addition to solving the way in which the population interacts with each other.

Part of it comes from the need to create more comfortable environments, friendly for the environment, for the eyes and that also offer safety for the user, such as bi-ports.

And it is that, in addition to considering the bicycle as a common means of transport, they allow the design of areas that promote the use of sustainable transport and the creation of harmonious and functional spaces.

For this reason, the tensile structures for bi-ports are the best option, since their construction system is based on light structures.

Some of its peculiarities is that they achieve great stability by combining balance and strength of its rigid elements such as posts and arches, as well as with the versatility and adaptability of flexible elements. like tarps and cables.

In addition, tensile membranes can be used in tensioned membranes to create unique forms of curvature, giving the possibility of conceptual designs in both public and private works.

In Guadalajara, a new bike path has just been approved on Avenida Marcelino García Barragán, which will be completed this year.

The signaling and construction work has already begun, with an investment of 1.5 million pesos. According to Beatriz Rangel, electoral adviser and president of the Citizen Participation Commission of the Electoral Institute and Citizen Participation (IEPC, and entity in charge of voting for the approval of the bike path), there are 13 colonies in Guadalajara that will be seen mostly benefited with this new implementation.

At Hyparch, we design, manufacture and install textile architecture projects with these characteristics and properties that promote sustainable spaces in developed cities.

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