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Guadalajara, Mexico (07 August 2015) .- Building does not have to be heavy and Hyparch, a company dedicated to textile architecture, knows this.

“We create living spaces through light roofs,” explained Juan José Ramírez Zamora, CEO of Hyparch, a company he founded in February 2012 to take advantage of the growing market for textile architecture, also known as tensile architecture.

The first roof of this type arrived in the country more than 20 years ago, but recently registered a boom, so that in 2014 nearly 500 thousand square meters of textile membrane were sold, which they use for tensioned structures, Ramírez Zamora explained.

He added that these come to replace conventional concrete or sheet ceilings.

“It is a growing market in which we are positioning ourselves as a firm of quality and design and innovative proposals,” said the director of Hyparch.

In their three years in the market they have created light covers in different parts of the country, the most recent one in a hotel in Los Cabos.

They also have projects in Chiapas, Quintana Roo, Chetumal, Zacatecas, Monterrey, Distrito Federal and in Jalisco.

They have also participated in the design of projects for El Salvador, India, Brazil and Colombia.

The company started with just three people and serving an average of two clients per month. Now they have eight clients per month, Ramírez Zamora estimated, and their workforce grew to eight collaborators.

“We are doing well and we are working to trigger growth at a higher rate,” he said.

The next step for the company is to consolidate its structure and develop the commercial area, since Ramírez Zamora commented that until a few months ago his clients came on recommendation.

In the medium term they hope to continue and complete their research projects.

“We are going to start producing hardware for the textile architecture industry, funded by Conacyt and some other government agencies,” he said.

Grupo Vidanta’s Marvella Jaramillo chose Hyparch instead of other firms to carry out some projects for its construction company.

“The main reason (is) the interest and professionalism they showed with our project and their economic proposal was one of the best. The service is very professional,” he said.

To contact Hyparch you can call 3070-1640 or write to

Profitable investment

Although the initial investment of a membrane lightweight structures is greater than that of a conventional roof, it is more competitive in maintenance.

$ 1,600 to $ 4,000 per square meter costs a light cover.

40 m² to 5,500 square meters measure the covers that have been listed.


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