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Shade cloth covers in Guadalajara are in increasing popularity.

Their affordable price and their structural and thermal characteristics make them perfect for automotive and residential use.

Considered as tensile structures, the shade cloth roofs in Guadalajara, like the membrane lightweight structures, require a structural calculation.

All structural calculations must start with a specialized software project, in addition to a wind tunnel analysis.

Although the shade cloth does not demand the same efforts as the veils, they must be designed and installed by professionals.

Hyparch experience (video)

Shortly after the introduction of the membrane lightweight structures, shade mesh covers began to be seen in Guadalajara.

This is probably due to the search for alternatives to the materials for the tensile structures.

Although the materials are very different, they both cover basic needs for shade and delimitation.

Most of the shade cloth covers in Guadalajara are for automotive use.

cubiertas de mallasombra en Guadalajara - Automotriz

covered with shade cloth in Guadalajara – Automotive

However, its use is much more extensive and shade cloth can be used for tensile structures or to create privacy walls. With the right considerations they can even be used to cover large gaps like schools and sports fields.

cubiertas de mallasombra en Guadalajara

Shade cloth cover in Monterrey Nuevo León – 900 m2

The manufacturing processes of shade cloth covers in Guadalajara require specialized labor.

Although there are many suppliers, not all of them support their projects with a calculation and structural memory as Hyparch does.

Although it does not require too specialized equipment for its manufacture and preparation. If skilled labor is required.

Attention to every detail and expertise in sewing, trims and hardware make the difference. Although there is a price difference between the shade cloth and the structural membranes of the membrane lightweight structures, a well-designed and supported project will reflect a maximum price difference of up to 15%.

However taut shadow cloth structures can look as much like a structural membrane velar.

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