Client: University Center of Theater UNAM

Project Date: 2015

Location: Mexico City

The membrane lightweight structures university is a collaboration project with Hyparch developed for the CUT Theater University Center of the Autonomous University of México.

Hyparch has been characterized by its network of national and international collaborators and allies with whom multiple projects of membrane lightweight structures and tensile structures have been developed.

For the membrane lightweight structures, Hyparch University collaborated with the development of a wind tunnel, structural and detailed calculation of the structure and fittings to make possible its support and construction.

The structural calculation in membrane lightweight structures is essential to ensure the stability and reliability of a project. The wind tunnel is the first and most important step in calculating a tensile structure, and the membrane lightweight structures university is no exception.

At Hyparch all membrane lightweight structures are calculated with rigorous processes to optimize structures.
With the wind tunnel analysis and an adequate structural calculation Hyparch has built membrane lightweight structures with densities of up to 7 kg / m2.


Membrane lightweight structures at School in Monterrey