Client: Plaza Galerías Autlán

Date: 2016

Location: Autlán, Jalisco. México.

Membrane lightweight structures shade cloth “Gallerias Mall” in Autlán is a 2016 project for the plaza’s food pavilion.

The project was built with Orli 95 commercial shade cloth, currently under the name Blockshade 300 also from Orli. Commonly shade cloth covers were used for parking almost exclusively. They are still seen in many cities for this purpose.

parking covers made of shade cloth or any other material usually have simple typologies.

velarias de malla sombra v.s. cubiertas para estacionamiento

Membrane lightweight structures shade cloth v.s. parking covers

However Membrane lightweight structures shade cloth has combined the best of both worlds.

The shade cloth, unlike the membranes for Membrane lightweight structures, is permeable, allowing a great freshness inside the spaces.

While the lightweight membrane structures they are normally designed and constructed with a waterproof structural membrane. allowing to have spaces protected from sun and rain.

The membrane of the light shade fabric structures combines the aesthetics of textile architecture with a functional solar cover

Velaria de malla sombra Plaza Galerías

Membrane lightweight structures shade cloth “Gallerias Mall”, Sun protection cover.

The price of a Membrane lightweight structures shade cloth is usually higher than that of a single cover of the same material. since it has greater structural demands.

Similarly, engineering and workshop processes tend to be more detailed and require more specialized labor and tools.

However, a Membrane lightweight structures shade cloth can offer a more competitive cost to cover spaces where sun protection is required but not against rain.

While covered parking covers are highly functional, membrane lightweight structures shade cloth in schools, plazas, and public spaces are often an excellent choice.

At Hyparch we strive to create projects tailored to each client, whether they are looking for the functionality of a shade cloth cover, the aesthetics and protection of a membrane lightweight structures or the best of both.


Membrane lightweight structures Universidad Autónoma de México – CUT