Client: Construcarr

Project Date: 2015

Location: Torre invex, Guadalajara, Jalisco. Mx.

The membrane lightweight structures in penthouse terraces made for the Construcarr construction company in 2015 are a set of five overlapping symmetrical roofs.

The covers were designed for sun protection exclusively. Despite being made with waterproof Sioen (type 1) membrane.

The design of the penthouse terrace membrane lightweight structures of the invex building was requested in this way by the client to allow greater wind circulation, sacrificing protection against rain.

Like all Hyparch projects, these five membrane lightweight structures were calculated using specialized software for calculating tensioned roofs, such as Easy and Form Finder, of which Hyparch is a distributor in Latin America.

As for the calculation of the membrane lightweight structures in the penthouse terrace, it was necessary to review the elements individually and as a whole, to evaluate the interactions between them and with the glass façade.

The covers in the penthouse not only managed to protect from the sun, but also reduce the amount of gusts of wind inside the terrace to make the stay more comfortable.

Running a calculation by wind tunnel For all our projects it is the solidity that generates trust in our clients, and building was no exception.

Estudio de túnel de viento para velarias

Example of virtual wind tunnel for membrane lightweight structures

The finishes used for the Construcarr Membrane lightweight structures in penthouse terrace were made of premium stainless steel.

Although membrane lightweight structures and covers with stainless steel finishes tend to be considerably more expensive, they promise a longer life time and reflect exclusivity and luxurious aesthetics.

Although stainless steel accessories for textile covers are rare and generally difficult to achieve, the end result is worth the effort.

Membrane lightweight structures on terraces are increasingly seen, but not all are of the same quality or offer the same security.

Require your builder and sail provider the wind tunnel results and calculation memory, or quote with the experts.

Membrane lightweight structures shade cloth “Gallerias Mall”