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Membrane lightweight structures in Guadalajara are becoming more common.

Initially these tensile structures were more viewed in beach destinations.

However, Guadalajara was one of the first cities in Mexico to start including Membrane lightweight structures in its architectural projects.

The first membrane lightweight structures in Guadalajara were installed in the late 90.

Plaza Milenium, currently known as the Casino Majestic and Expo Guadalajara, were pioneers in the use of tensioned architectural roofs.

Starting in 2005, the use of membrane lightweight structures began to become popular in Guadalajara, increasingly appearing in the urban landscape of La Perla Tapatía.

The membrane lightweight structures in Guadalajara began to be installed not only in shopping centers and fairgrounds.

They also gained ground in real estate developments, hotels and industrial parks.

Some of the reasons why the use of candles in Guadalajara began to increase were for its various benefits.

Membrane lightweight structures are structures that take up minimal space.

Despite their lightness, they are resistant to natural phenomena, with wind generally being the critical design condition.

Furthermore, these tensile structures protect from ultraviolet rays.

They do not require lighting during the day compared to other types of cover options.

Another benefit of the membrane lightweight structures is the ease of cleaning and maintenance.

At Hyparch we have more than 15 years of experience installing Membrane lightweight structures in this city and in other regions of the Mexican Republic.

Our headquarters are in Guadalajara.

We also have liaison offices in Mexico City and Monterrey to serve clients and follow up on projects throughout the country.

We invite you to visit our gallery of textile architecture projects that we have installed in Guadalajara and in other cities.

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Tension force in the membrane lightweight structures