Client: Uno Urban Guadalajara

Date: 2015

Location: Guadalajara, Jalisco, México.

This project of membrane lightweight structures bicipuerto Guadalajara was developed for Los Uno Urban buildings, for which mesh parking covers were also developed.

For this lightweight structures membrane, structural pvc tarpaulin from verseidag was used for the roof, carbon steel structure and galvanized hardware and accessories.

The canvas cover for the bicipuerto membrane lightweight structures has just over 90 m2 under development and consists of a simple cone with fixed edges.

the fixed edges on the covers allow more confined spaces while the conical geometries in the membrane lightweight structures are usually suitable for spaces where it is sought to have a lower height at the edges.

Fixed edge membrane lightweight structures can be combined with the use of glass or walls to generate completely closed spaces that allow the use of air conditioners or cooling or heating systems.

Membrane lightweight structures for bicycle projects become more popular as society opts for different means of transport than vehicles, increasingly creating the need to protect bicycles and motorcycles from the sun and rain.

Membrane lightweight structures Universidad Autónoma de México – CUT