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Membrane lightweight structures against hail will be increasingly sought after due to weather changes.

And it is that in different regions of the country, it is more common to witness rains out of season and with hail capable of doing severe damage to property.

The hail in the rain that existed a few years ago does not compare to the size of hail that has fallen in certain parts of the Mexican Republic lately.

An example of this is the hailstorm that occurred on the first Monday of June 2017 in Tamaulipas, which generated various damages to cars and houses.

Several users on social networks shared videos of how their vehicles were after being hit by the ice balls.

The Membrane lightweight structures against hail are an ideal option to protect from cars in a residential preserve to large batches of vehicles in automotive agencies.

Here are three reasons to consider textile architecture over other solutions to protect cars and properties against hail:

–     The resistance of the mesh together with the flexibility, in addition to not allowing the passage of hail, manage to cushion the impact of it without tearing the mesh.

–      As a multi-perforated material, the Membrane lightweight structures tends to drain water when the hail begins to melt and with a suitable design of slopes the hail is evicted.

–    Unlike sheet roofs, which are damaged in their coating by the impact of ice balls and require subsequent repairs, the membrane lightweight structures recover their original shape without affecting it.

Now that you know the benefits of installing hail veils, we invite you to visit our online quote so that you can see the different options in tensile structures for your project as well as our project gallery.

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