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Membrane lightweight structure in Los Cabos for the Hampton Inn hotel is a collaborative project of Hyparch.

Hyparch has a network of clients and partners at national and international level with whom it collaborates to carry out large projects of tense structures in Mexico and abroad.

with about 400 m2 of membrane cover Serge Ferrari 902 S2 made with high-tech radio frequency.

While the steel structure for the membrane lightweight structure in Los Cabos had to be worked in a modular way for its transportation and assembly on site.

This is for two main reasons: Avoid welding on site and allow the use of baked paint.

The above to prevent oxidation and corrosion due to the high salinity and humidity of the beach environment in our country.

Tense structures in Mexico have existed for more than 25 years, however their use on beaches has become increasingly popular in the last decade.

Due to strong winds and risk of hurricanes, the membrane lightweight structure in Los Cabos has an anti-cyclone system.

Far from making a tense hurricane resistant structure, the above consists of a set of pulleys to facilitate its dismantling before a timely cyclone alert.

The system allows reduced personnel trained in tense structures to lower the canvas cover in a few hours, protecting the structural system.

The obligatory question is: Why not design a cover that resists the strong winds of a hurricane?

The reason is simple, it can indeed be designed, however its costs would be considerably high. In the specific case of the lightweight membrane structure in Los Cabos, the costs could be up to 600% higher.

However, the real answer is that even when the tarpaulin resists strong winds, debris and objects that pierce the membrane could still appear.

In conclusion, a lightweight structure membrane resistant to not only is not very viable but an unnecessary cost that would run the same risk as any other designed exclusively for the winds of the return period dictated by the wind tunnel.

At Hyparch we design custom lightweight structure and tensile structure projects, optimizing all resources.

Tensile structure in Piedras Negras