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Interview  Velarias Hyparch for the newspaper NTR

Velarias Hyparch - oficinas

Photo by Alfonso Hernández – El Diario NTR

lightweight membrane structures Guadalajara Jalisco. November 13, 2017 (Norma Angélica Trigo – El Diario NTR Guadalajara) .- Decorative sculptures of textile architecture are increasingly sought after by the tourism, sports, school, party venues and shopping centers.

Innovative designs with cutting-edge technology in covers known as  membrane lightweight structures is what Hyparch does.

Juan José Ramírez Zamora, CEO of the company, pointed out that these covers replace traditional domes, they have high strength, durability and performance.

A civil engineer by profession with a master’s degree in structures from UNAM and another in lightweight structures from the Technical University of Vienna, he said that the first projects in Mexico were the membrane lightweight structures of Plaza Milenium and Expo Guadalajara.

As an entrepreneur, he recognizes that it has been a work of awareness among clients.

“There are other projects in Mexico City, but it has been quite a job, we started 5 years ago in this sector and the client did not know what a membrane lightweight structures was, the type of high resistance materials that we use they did not know about and have It has been a great job to give the client the tools, because today it is a topic that begins to be in the common domain. ”

Juan José Ramírez said that membrane lightweight structures come to replace traditional domes or sheet ceilings, polycarbonate, arch ceilings, among others. “The traditional one does not have within its structural system neither the design philosophy nor the type of high resistance materials that make our product so viable and so attractive for many segments.”

Advantages High strength, design, durability and performance make membrane lightweight structures more attractive to the various sectors seeking to have a cover.

“They are very light materials compared to a traditional system we are 10 times lighter, this implies a much smaller foundation, the subsoil is not affected, the energy consumption for assembly requires much less effort and the use of not so heavy machinery to install a cover for the same area. ”

Ramírez Zamora recalled that in the early 1970s the first projects were launched in Europe and brought to Mexico.

Reinforced materials The material with which the membrane lightweight structures are made are reinforced textiles.

“They are fabrics with special manufacturing processes, the threads come pre-tensioned from the production plant and they are covered with different types of finishes, they have PVC layers that help preserve the threads and extend the useful life of the material and in the layers above and underneath they have varnishes from fluorinated or with Teflon, which prolong the useful life ”. Most of the materials are recyclable and eco friendly, the useful life ranges from 20 to 50 years.

He stressed that maintenance is much simpler than other materials and one wash every two months is sufficient.

“They have high strength, durability and performance. In terms of the initial investment, the cost is 50 percent higher, depending on the project, but the investment is recovered in a shorter period. With the speed of the installation, the area can be operated much faster than with any other traditional system. ”

“For example, in an event room, if the investment would be recovered after a year, here it is faster because they can use the place.”

Juan José Ramírez said that there is also no problem due to strong winds since the structures are properly placed with geometric optimization to support them.

“After an episode of high winds or a storm the tension level on the deck is checked and it is all maintenance, it is very cheap.”

Hyparch’s main clients are construction companies, architectural firms that in turn work in hotels and have clients in this sector in Nuevo Vallarta and Cabo San Lucas.

“The tourist segment is an interesting client for us, we are developing covers for stadiums, small sports, roof systems for grandstands, soccer fields, tennis, schools, universities, shopping centers, churches and party rooms, in private initiative it is where we have carried out more projects. In the case of the residential sector we have also done it ”.

“As long as the client has the need to cover a space, improving aesthetics and trying to encourage coexistence in the interior, it is a suitable prospect for acquiring this product”.

Hyparch started with three people 5 years ago and currently works 16 in offices, while on site, the staff triples depending on the needs.

On the market, the businessman recognized that there is still much to do.

“Fortunately, it is a segment in which we are in a blue ocean. We are very few companies in the country that carry out this type of project. There are more and more companies trying to access the market, but specialized training is required to successfully develop a project with QA”.

Hyparch carries out projects across the country and has collaborated with others abroad.

Those interested in learning about the products and projects that the company carries out can enter its page

“As long as the client has the need to cover a space, improving aesthetics and trying to encourage coexistence in the interior, it is a suitable prospect for acquiring this product”

“We are developing covers for stadiums, small sports, systems of covers for bleachers, soccer fields, tennis, schools, universities, shopping centers, churches and party rooms” Juan José Ramírez, CEO of Hyparch

3 people started Hyparch and now there are almost 50 counting storms.

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10 times lighter the structure of a candle compared to a dome


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