velaria pirata

Tips for not hiring pirate membrane lightweight structures

Lightweight membrane structures or tensile structures have become an excellent option when covering spaces, and their application in projects in ...
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¿Qué es una velaria?

What is a membrane lightweight structures?

What is a membrane lightweight structures? A membrane lightweight structures is not a stretched canvas or an awning. They are ...
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Velarias Hyparch Conacyt

Interview: Mexican innovation in flexible architecture

Guadalajara Jalisco. August 25, 2015 (Conacyt Information Agency) .- Through the Innovation Stimulus Program (PEI), the National Council for Science ...
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Entrevista Hyparch en periódico Mural

Mural Interview: Light Architecture

Guadalajara, Mexico (07 August 2015) .- Building does not have to be heavy and Hyparch, a company dedicated to textile ...
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