About Hyparch


Our efforts are focused on supporting architecture and construction firms, differentiating ourselves by our international network of allies and qualified human capital in this area.

Human Friendly


We think of you and your development, supporting them so that each project generates full and satisfactory feelings, improving the living standards of its inhabitants by combining a quality and eco-friendly product. We believe that for the development of human progress, it will be necessary to take better care of the planet and those who inhabit it, that is why we are committed to sustainable architecture. Our structures, beyond being hyper-functional, are creations of beauty, harmony and that coexist naturally with their users in the most organic way possible.

¿About us?

HYPARCH® is part of the corporate Red Tecnológica Multinacional S.A. de C.V., which is responsible for the planning, calculation, production and application of materials for the construction industry, with innovative solutions and techniques, transferring the confidence of our products to the final consumer.



We provide our clients with solutions in specialized roofs, incorporating lightweight, high-performance materials with thermal characteristics and high resistance. We cover spaces lightly and with pleasant designs, we develop protection and comfort in the spaces.

Vision 2020

Consolidate profitability, productivity and operation, through teamwork, commitment and the delivery of functional solutions and extraordinary geometries in all our projects.


Our values

– Specialized software for calculating covers.

– Link with research centers and universities.

– International alliances.

– Highly qualified staff.

– Innovation and development of new products (hardware and anchors).

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