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In this article we will tell you how to make sure you hire high quality tensile structures. Some time ago we found a membrane lightweight structures that seemed to lack engineering and criteria for textile architecture.

velaria pirata

Membrane lightweight structures without apparent criteria of textile architecture structural calculation.

Unfortunately for homeowners and the builder, this tensile structure had structural failure a few weeks ago

Tenso estructura con falla estructural

Tensile structure with structural failure.


Tenso estructura con falla estructural

Tensile structure with structural failure.


As already addressed in our previous article – Tips for not hiring pirate Membrane lightweight structures – not all are high quality tensile structures.


In Mexico, tensile structures and vigils have grown in number and popularity.

The first membrane lightweight structures in Mexico were installed approximately 20 years ago.

At HYPARCH we have more than 15 years of experience in high quality tensile structures.

Here we will give you some tips for contracting high quality tensile structures:

1) Years of experience and experience in candlelight and tensile structures.

It is important that your experience is in candlelight and tensile structures and not only in Awnings. (See the difference).

Currently there are many companies that have built awnings for more than 20 years but have never built a tensile structure and do not usually calculate their awnings.

2) Full knowledge of the materials and brands available. Experienced companies will generally work with import brands such as Sioen, Serge Ferrari, Verseidag or Mehler among others.

Similarly, there are some national brands such as La Marina, which have been improving their quality and guarantees.

In this way, high quality tensile structures can now be offered at more accessible prices with national materials. 3) The structural calculation is essential for the construction of a high quality tensile structures.

A company with experience in sailing and tensile structures will tell you about wind tunnel, of its importance and will give you results of the same.

Likewise, companies with experience in sailing will have technical knowledge of engineering and structural behavior.

It will also give you a calculation memory supporting and justifying the profiles and choice of plates, cables and the type of roof material.

If possible they will optimize not only the materials but also the shape. Being able to achieve structures as light as 7 kg / m2

4) Application and good use of quality elements and fittings.

A company that carries out high-quality tensile structures will be able to check the quality of the materials used, membrane, cables, hardware, steel, concrete and hardware.

The structural calculation will determine the optimal elements for each material, taking care that they are sufficient, while some companies may not calculate and be scarce or left over.

5) The finished ones

Finishes are typically mostly perfectly cut painted and detailed steel plates or stainless steel (for an additional cost). In addition, they are usually unique pieces for each point, while pirate candles usually have plates that seem to be made in series.

In the tensile structures of quality you can usually see accessories made to measure and well detailed and worked.

velarias de calidad - corte de acero inoxidable

High quality tensile structures – Laser cutting of custom stainless steel plates.


Acabados de calidad HYPARCH

HYPARCH quality finishes


Acabados de calidad HYPARCH

HYPARCH high quality finishes

6) Times and costs.

The average cost in Mexico of a high quality tensile structures including all its scope usually ranges between two thousand and three thousand five hundred pesos per square meter under normal conditions.

Furthermore, if your supplier offers you a price below this range in the full scope, it is possible that it is not carrying out structural calculations or that you are dealing with inferior materials.

Remember that doing things well takes time. If your provider tells you that they can build the project in much less time than most of the competition, they may not be doing things right.

Materiales y acabados en velarias de calidd

HYPARCH Membrane lightweight structures and Tensile high quality tensile structures in every detail.

Don’t risk your investment, hire candlelight and high quality tensile structures with the experts:

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