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Client: Government of Culiacán

Date: 2016

Location: Culiacán, Sinaloa

Tensile Structure Culiacán is a membrane lightweight structure canvas cover for an outdoor auditorium in the city’s zoo. with just over 1300 m2.

The Government of Culiacán Sinaloa requested HYPARCH the canvas cover for this auditorium with capacity for three thousand people.

Membrane lightweight structure consists of 2 main pieces of approximately 600 and 500 square meters plus 12 smaller taut structures on the periphery.

The Culiacán tensile structure installation process was carried out in 6 stages.

The first was the process of making the Canvas in the workshop in 2 main pieces, which weighed 750 and 650 kg respectively.

Due to the weight and design it should have been considered in this way to facilitate the maneuver.

The second stage due to the slenderness of the structural elements consisted of counter-veining (tightening with tensioners) the structure.

Velarias y tensoestructuras en culiacán

Tensile structure Culiacán – Canvas cover for auditorium

Taking care that it was not damaged during the installation, since it would raise and tension one cloak at a time, causing unilateral efforts.

The third stage of the tensile Culiacán structure consisted of the assembly and tensioning of the smaller mantle.

Where the deformation of the arc was controlled with the aforementioned turnbuckles.

During the fourth stage, the second canvas cover had to be placed and partially tensioned.

Simultaneously, the tensioners of the winds were released, taking care of the balance between the tension of both covers.

For the fifth stage, the bumpers were removed and both covers were simultaneously tensioned.

In this process, efforts were made to maintain the balance between the tension forces generated by both covers.

Towards the sixth and last stage, each of the 12 perimeter membrane lightweight structures was placed individually.

This is just one of the many details that Hyparch took care of in the tense Culiacán structure.

The Culiacán tensile structure was neither calculated nor designed by Hyparch.

However at Hyparch we are committed to the safety and integrity of every project. For this reason, he agreed to a game in which Hyparch would carry out a basic review of the design of the membrane lightweight structure.

Similarly, a pre-calculation was agreed to make recommendations for reinforcements to the structure.

However, Hyparch always recommends wind tunnel analysi  and structural calculation for any lightweight structure and tensile structure.

Both the Wind Tunnel and the structural calculation by expert personnel in membrane lightweight structure and tensile structures is an investment that guarantees quality projects.

Tensile structure in Culiacán is a project of a local engineer, who requested the manufacture and installation by Hyparch.

Just like the Culiacán government, you also insure your project with the support of experts. Quote with Hyparch

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